About Us

Some Information About Our Parish


  • We started in 1986 to serve the Orthodox Christians in the area and those interested in Orthodoxy. Initially the community was very small but has grown steadily ever since it started.
  • We bought our own church in 1994. In origin this church is very ancient dating to well before the Great Schism of 1054. It is therefore the first originally Orthodox church to be returned to Orthodoxy in Britain.
  • Our parish belongs to that part of the Church under the Patriarch of Constantinople – known as the O Ecumenical Patriarchate. It is, and always has been, a multi-national part of the Church.
  • We are a mixed congregation of Greek, British, Romanian and Russian origins. Several of the members of our parish are converts to Orthodoxy. They come from a wide range of different Christian backgrounds, but increasingly now, no previous Christian origins at all.
  • The services are conducted in English and Greek.


A Few Facts About Orthodoxy

  • The Orthodox Church does not fit into the Roman Catholic / Protestant scheme.
  • It is much older and is fundamentally different in a number of important ways.
  • The Orthodox Church IS the Early Church. It has never deviated from the fundamental Faith of the Apostles.
  • The Orthodox Church is attractive to many people in the West because it preserves the fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith and morals, and because it does not change to conform with the latest fashions and whims of Society.
  • The Orthodox Church is said to be the only Episcopal Church that is growing in Britain today.

Some Practical Points

  • We welcome visitors who come with a genuine desire to find and worship God.
  • When you arrive you will probably find that something is already happening, light a candle and find a place to stand. Watch and listen. If you find standing for a length of time difficult please sit; but be prepared to stand for the censings, processions, reading of the Gospel and the singing of the Creed and Lord’s Prayer.
  • The Orthodox Church does not give communion to non-Orthodox.
  • The Sunday Liturgy lasts about an hour and a quarter.
  • There is an opportunity for a cup of coffee and a chat at the end. Please join us!